2016 Inside Projects
Sink that is sunk into its Cabinet ...
The home builder did not use the right products to install the sink to begin with 5 years ago.  The result is the sink had no place to go but downward.
Hang Light Fixture with a tall ladder
A 16 foot a type ladder saves the day ...
Mantle into Slade Panneling
Looks like stone but is plastic. 

With a steady hand, a drill and a level - the job is done.
Stairway Handrail
Some builders forget to use these little blocks of wood that secure the handrail to the wall. 

Without them, the Sheetrock will not secure them properly.
Bathroom Sink
There are prefabricated and available at Home Depot or Lowes. 

The faucet  allow you to match what is already in the area.
2016 Outside Projects

Replace Back Door
Replace the back door and trim when the outside trim gets rotten.
Replace Outside Stairs
Typically every 20 years they need to be replaced.