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Rotary International

7/2012 - Conroe Homeless Shelter Gets AC

Homeless Shelter needed AC for their food panty and cooking area.  Funds were low and the existing building does not have any AC at all.  The building is leased with no incentive to put in a regular central  air system.  So, several window units were donated and existing ones repaired to help make things better for all involved....

2008 - Salem Lutheran Team helps local Single Mother

Maria is a single mother working as a janitor for Tomball ISD.  She is paid a working wage but cannot afford damages from Hurricane Ike.  Several years go by and she still had part of her rented trailer home exposed and an unusable bathroom.  With the help of Salem Lutheran Church of Tomball, Maria got a much needed repair.

2009 - Salem Lutheran Team - School Bus Covered Waiting Area
Subdivision North of Tomball, TX

A place were kids can wait for the bus in the morning that is covered and protected from the elements like rain.

Low income Subdivision has more since that many affluent ones.

2010 - Salem Lutheran - Heater
Low income mobile home with an existing rusted out heater that several had tried to make work.

Came in with a new free standing unit that made the winter more bearable for the family. 
2011 - Update My Mom's Home in Hockley, TX
Got this 20 year old starter home updated and sold in 6 months.  Flooring Updating included: Tile Floors in the kitchen, New Carpet in Living Room, Laminate Floors in the hall and bedrooms.  Sheetrock replacement due to Carpenter ants in the bedrooms with tile in all bedrooms.
Carpenter Ants Cause Damage Inside and Out!
Fix the problem by uncovering damaged part of the walls by removing and replacing external hardy plank siding and external trim. 

Inside was  calked and then it was exterminated completely.  Then replace the interior sheetrock and trim.  Last  artificial tile floor coverings were added to enhance the look of each bedroom.

Tile Helps!
The Tile Finish was in all three of the bedrooms and gave an enhanced look.
First - Get Rid of the old Kitchen Floor!
Scrape out the old and get ready for the new tile.
Then, Tile Kitchen Floor
Tile Floors give the kitchen a new look.
Replace Toliet
Just sayin ...

I can now say I have done one!
New Look for the The Shower!
Special paint made the old yellow look new fresh white and is guaranteed for 10 years to last.  This easily saved $1,000.00 not to mention a ton of time.